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The Neverending Midget Conspiracy

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Midgets may seem like small, nice versions of yourself, but in reality, the Midget race holds a very important secret. The Midgets act nice and cute to everyone to gain their trust, but their plan is to eventually conquer the world and we will all be used as their slaves. This website was created to inform the people about how the Midgets try to trick us, and hopefully, we can outsmart their evil ways. Here at MEPA, or Midget-Evilness-Protection-Agency, we do our best to save the masses by providing them with knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple: Destroy the Midgets' plans to take over the Earth and use the humans as slaves.

Becoming a Member

To become a member of MEPA, one must prove themselves worthy. You must come to our headquarters with a dead Midget, or at least a very well imprisoned one. Also, you must go undercover as a Midget and acquire a vital piece of information about their attack plans.


Organization News

Some breaking news that has recently happened is very important. President Bush has recently appointed a Midget to the head of a new section of National Security, the Bodyguard section. This is very dangerous, because if a Midget is guarding the president or another important official, it is very easy for the Midget to overthrow whomever they are "bodyguarding".

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To mail us for more information, you can write to 123 Fake Street, New York City, NY 10901.

Phone: (123) 555-MEPA